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for whatever bike we ride: cruiser bike, ebikie, mountain bike, recumbent bike, road bike, tandem bike, touring bike...


About Sacramento Bikeway Program

The City's mild climate and flat terrain for bicycling continues to be a viable and important transportation mode for Sacramentans.


About Davis City of Bikes

Davis is known as the “Bike Capital of the U.S.” Since 1966, Davis has been a leader in developing bicycle facilities, resulting in being recognized as the most bicycle friendly city in the country.


About Folsom Bike Adventures

Folsom Bike Adventures with Garmin Bike Routes, maps, and nearby mountain bike trails


About Roseville Cycling Trails

Roseville Bike Routes, maps, and trails


Route maps and videos of Folsom trails and the Davis-Sacramento Causeway Trail.

Greater Sacramento, CA

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American River Bike Trail

Useful Links

Long Ride Preparation

Links to web pages on things you need (and don't need) for long distance riding.

Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen

SBK wants to improve bicycling in Sacramento by making bicycle maintenance, repair, and training more widely available to everyone, regardless of skill level. To this end, we provide the space, tools, and staff necessary ...

Zen and the art of bicycle riding

biketyle: The quest for the intersection of style and comfort.

Mobile Apps

Useful Mobile Apps for Bicyclists.

Group riding Do's & Dont's

Rules of the Road.

Meals for Wheels

Carb load before a ride, fuel with carbs when on the bike and recover afterwards with carbs? Time to give protein its due.

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