Edgy Dining


Whether in a trendy bistro or in an upscale restaurant, a gastronomical edgy decision to be made is whether to experience dining on delicacies, such as live fish, ofal, and vermin. As these pages reveal, all such treats are popular in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere in the world.

Edgy Rides


It's edgy pushing a motorcycle machine to 136 MPH on a crowded roadway. And how amusing is it to drive a vehicle on a narrow winding road just inches from the edge of a steep cliff.

Edgy Parachuting


The way it's done in the military, the the rush of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane in flight is definitely edgy. And, for adventurous civilians, they experience that rush by becoming a qualified military parachutist and jumping with military paratroopers.

Sherlock Holmes


In what Conan Doyle called his twelfth story “The Final Problem,” he made an edgy decision that angered public opinion. He decided to kill off Sherlock "for good and all." But, history reveals Doyle had to take back that decision. All together, he wrote some four Sherlockian novels and fifty-six short stories. Even then Doyle tried to retire Sherlock without success in his last story. In these pages, I submit my take on Conan Doyle's characterization and formulaic storyline. Also, there is a brief monograph on the Strand Magazine and my thoughts on the authorship of the Hound of Baskerville.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Christie reached an edgy milestone with a story that defied the crime writing rules of the game. This was the case with Christie'snovel, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. These pages present Christie's techniques for misdirecting readers involving her two most prominent sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple

About My Book

Switcheroo Novel

When financial analyst, Nick Oliver, meets Erin Archer, an environmental conservationist, he has no room for a new surprise in his life. But, that's just what happens when Nick learns Erin is bent on connecting him with the suspicious death of her private investigator father.

As they pursue that possibility, they soon find when nature advocacy clashes with the world of corporate treachery, the result is murder.