Zazen, sitting meditation: Good karma from the seat of a bike.

Cyclist Blogs

Cyclists share their dharma routine for achieving zen whether it be on a road, mountain, or stationary bike.

Zen Pathways.

An eclectic selection of diverse, yet Iconic pathways for zen biking.


A Favorite zazen Ride

The American River Parkway.


Among these blogs we learn from Christian Gittenen is that "riding a bike is a very zen experience: tires, gears, hubs, working together in harmony, propelling you forward purposefully." Mike Snazzy tells us Mountain Biking is “one of the closest ways to reach that Zen state." And Susan Alexander promotes Stationary Biking as yet another way for practicing Zen.

Riding the American River Bikeway

American River Bikeway & Greater Sacramento

By Way of Zen Background

This site is based on my having studied and practiced apects of Buddhism as applied to the cycling life.





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